Honda Wiper Blade Inserts

Most new car manufacturers and aftermarket parts supplies have gone away from wiper blade inserts in favor of more expensive complete wiper blade assemblies. Honda however continues to offer customers the option of a complete blade or wiper blade insert. Wiper blade inserts start at $4.25 each at LeeParts. We offer a complete line of wiper blade inserts here.

Changing your wiper blade insert is quick and easy. The blade assembly can remain attached to the wiper arm. Simply lift the wiper arm up, unlock the retainer holding the insert into the blade assembly and slide the insert out of the blade assembly. Quickly inspect the blade assembly for dirt, debris or damage. Clean the blade assembly as needed. After the blade assembly is clean and has passed your visual inspection slide the new insert into the blade assembly and lock it into place. Move onto the other side wiper blade and within minutes your view of the road will be clear again.


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