The Best Car Chase Movies Ever: Part One

Cars and movies–born around the same time–seem to be made for each other. Although there are earlier examples of car chases, Bullitt, which premiered in 1968, could be considered the first modern-day classic car chase movie. This is just the first part one of a 2-parter featuring our selections of best car chase movies ever.


Let start with the movie that sets the standard, mentioned above, Bullitt. Steve McQueen’s driving ability and ease behind the wheel, those incredible San Francisco locations, and the Mustang GT 390 make the chase seem both more real and more outrageous. bullittThe Dodge Charger was no wimp either. When McQueen wasn’t actually driving the Mustang himself, it was driven by legendary stunt driver, Carey Loftin. Ford sent the producers a few Mustangs to customize for the movie, which they did by lowering it, painting it dark green and removing some of the glitz that had made it more of a ladies car. That car was never considered ‘lady-like” again! Continue reading

You Think You Know About Cars [Infographic]

Whether you’re a pit crew chief or don’t know a dip stick from a lug wrench, let our car facts infographic show you a few things you didn’t know. You won’t learn how to change the oil, but you’ll know a whole lot more about cars.

First Car


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