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Buick Lucerne Iridium Sparkplug

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Unlike other iridium spark plugs, Magneti Marelli's high content iridium spark plugs combine a 360 continuous laser-welded iridium center electrode with a laser-welded ground electrode for unmatched quality, OE long life performance and increased durability

  • The fine wire iridium center electrode provides exceptional ignitability and extreme resistance to thermal shock that can occur in many of today's engines

  • The exclusive tapered laser-welded platinum ground electrode provides more area for flame growth

  • The nickel-plated housing offers superior resistance to corrosion and seizing

  • These plugs also feature factory set pre-gaps to ensure ease of installation.

  • Available for 2006-2011 Buick Lucerne

  • Brand: Magneti Marelli

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