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In-Vehicle Wireless Charging is here!

Cell phone battery life too short? Hate charger wires all over your Mopar? Add a Mopar accessory wireless charging pad

    • Easily install in your vehicle and provides a built in charging grid that is activated when a Smartphone device is placed on the pad
    • Once your vehicle is running the unit begins to charge your phone
    • A phone case, specifically designed for a variety of smartphones, is required and included in the price
    • Kit includes a voucher for the special phone case
    • A conductive charging pad in center console keeps your smartphone charged
    • In-Vehicle Wireless Charging is here!


Download the PDF file .

Honda Wiper Blade Inserts

Most new car manufacturers and aftermarket parts supplies have gone away from wiper blade inserts in favor of more expensive complete wiper blade assemblies. Honda however continues to offer customers the option of a complete blade or wiper blade insert. Wiper blade inserts start at $4.25 each at LeeParts. We offer a complete line of wiper blade inserts here.

Changing your wiper blade insert is quick and easy. The blade assembly can remain attached to the wiper arm. Simply lift the wiper arm up, unlock the retainer holding the insert into the blade assembly and slide the insert out of the blade assembly. Quickly inspect the blade assembly for dirt, debris or damage. Clean the blade assembly as needed. After the blade assembly is clean and has passed your visual inspection slide the new insert into the blade assembly and lock it into place. Move onto the other side wiper blade and within minutes your view of the road will be clear again.


Jeep Wrangler Hard Top & Door Removal Tool Kit


Think Spring! Think Sun! Think Wrangler Weather!

Mopar’s hot new item for Wrangler owners is a hard top and door removal tool kit. Perfect to remove the hardtop, soft top, or door hinge pivot lock bolts. Tool Kit includes T-30, T-35, T-40 and T-50 torx bits and ratchet. All in a storage pouch with a Jeep logo.




All Magneti Marelli Brake Pad Kits For All Makes are $41.00 Per Axle at LeeParts!

Magneti Marelli’s all-in-one All Makes Brake Pad Kits come complete with stainless steel hardware for easier installation and less vehicle downtime, while reducing the possibility of premature wear-out due to worn caliper hardware. The high quality friction materials used allow for ultra-quiet braking and the elimination of that unsightly brake dust that appears on your rims from using lower quality materials. Available in semi-metallic and ceramic formulas, these brakes provide excellent stopping power and superior braking performance.


  • All-in-one hardware kit offers reduced repair time
  • Premium friction formulations provide clean and quiet operation
  • 100% factory installed shims deliver quiet braking
  • All stainless steel hardware prohibits rust, lasts longer
  • High temp moly-lube lasts the life of the pads
  • Premium friction formulations eliminate the guesswork
  • Premium pads and shoes eliminate brake squeal for applications where both ceramic and semi-metallic pads are called for
  • New brake hardware prevents brake pad wear, damage to caliper or disc and reduces stopping distance

Brake Pad Certifications and Testing

  • ISO 9001:2000 Certified
  • DEA (FMVSS 105)
  • LACT (Los Angeles City Traffic Testing)
  • SAE J2521 (Most Stringent Noise Testing)
  • VESC V-3 Testing (Vehicle Equipment Safety Commission Regulation V-3)
  • BEEP (Brake Effectiveness Evaluation Procedure Testing)

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